External players

You would like to play more than four players, or be able to satisfy those who do not support virtual reality or have problems preventing the use of a dedicated headset.

No worries, PDFs to create real clues are provided for free for each licence.

You can print these clues and then use them as you see fit: age them, print them on thematic paper, give them directly to the players or put them in a room that can be used as a mini-escape game for these players to look for these clues, etc.

The use of the audio chat software, external to the game itself, allows these players to communicate with players immersed in the virtual world.

NB: If you want external players to be able to communicate with those wearing virtual reality headsets, you need a PC and a wireless headset for each external player.

The PC may be entry-level if it is reserved for participation in voice chat.