*Common abbreviation: VR

Use the demo version to test the market and prepare the change to low cost !

Indeed, the demo version makes it possible to have one person try the first piece of the complete game (The pharaohs’ riddles, playable from 2 to 4 players).

Thus, you do not need a lot of space or invest large amounts in the purchase of many computers, headsets, cables etc.

All you need is 3.5mx 2.75m, only one computer** (which you can rent for less than 100 € / month) and a single virtual reality headset to test the reactions of the public and prepare you more serenely for the transition to virtual reality.

And as for the final version of the game, take advantage of three levels of difficulty to adapt to all audiences.
N.B: This version does not present a limit of playing time, but it usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes to solve all the puzzles.

Cost of the demo version of “The Pharaohs’ Riddles”:

500€ HT / month


Purchase for an unlimited duration: 1200 € HT